Then and Now… Make a full circle somehow..

15 years ago, on this day..

I carry a wedding card home. It is the wedding card of my best friend. We may never see each other again as I may shift to a different country soon. The wedding is in the same town just 20 kms away. All girls night is planned . Not in a disc or anything, just at her home. Many friends are attending, some staying over for 03 whole days ! My parents are skeptical to send me, considering that I am of marriageable age too and the girl is from a different cast so naturally there would be boys, men and families from a cast different from ours.. what if I get emotionally hooked to one of them there? After a lot of discussion, tears, anger , frustration, i may be “allowed” to go provided my brother drops me and picks me up the next morning.  He would have to adjust his meetings for me.


She carries a wedding card home. It is the wedding card of her best friend. They may never see each other again as her friend is shifting to a different country. The wedding is in a remote part of another country. Many friends are likely to attend from different parts of the world ! Her parents are skeptical to send her, considering that the marriage is neither in the same town nor a few km away.  Had it been in the same town, it would have been just fine. After a lot of discussion, tears, anger, frustration, there is a tentative possibility of her attending  the wedding provided I join her. I have my own set of circumstances to handle to be able to go with her.

I sit back, observe and smile at life.  It comes a full circle. I see myself in her and feel responsible for her from  so many angles. I want her to attend the wedding as I can feel how important it is for her, I want her to be safe as I have seen the world a little more than her now and worry about her.

The adult reigns supreme and I share a few pearls of wisdom with her  “Wish good for your friend.. Remember, whether you go or you don’t go for the wedding, she will still get married, shift into a new family, be happy, have kids and continue with her life..  Wish well for her, it will matter and mean more to her if you call her once a week and talk to her when most of the people who attend the wedding won’t even remember her. She will love and appreciate you a lot more then. This is life”

The sun rises never the less, the moon sets never the less..

its only this moment that matters, its your own thoughts that build you or make you shatter..

life goes on anyway.. it’s a skit where varying characters you play..


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