Ctrl S … Cappuccino

6:45 am (at home)

I wake up with a start . We are massively late. Your school bus is to arrive in less than 20 minutes. You simply refuse to complete the glass of milk in a hurry. Not that I blame you for it. I know how much you enjoy your morning cup of cappuccino sitting at the kitchen table while I work. Those moments are the best part of my day too.

Today I am in a rush though and nudge you to quickly finish up that cuppa and move on with the day. You do as I say and quickly  hurry out the gate to catch the bus showing your displeasure with an angry nose tweak.

Last night too, you wanted to use my laptop and would simply refuse to let me look at your word document. I do not remember when I fell asleep while you were still at it. Why are you so unreasonable sometimes?

9:30 am (just as I rush out the door)

I am tempted not to write the “thought for the day” and “riddle time” on your board for you to read when you return from school. I still do out of motherly affection.

You are on my mind as I drive.

10:00 am (at work)

The laptop takes immensely long to boot today. There are several unsaved and restored files that open one after the other. My irritation is at its peak. This is how kids mess laptops , isn’t’ it? I wait for my cup of coffee to calm me down.

Document 01 blank….

Document 02… Apples are red and blue and…..

Document 03 blank…

Document 04.. akljdfosiufdsankldfj  (Why do you type like this?)

Document 05.. I louve you mOM ..

My heart melts.. I do not notice any spelling errors..


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