All that a writer is..

When the plot is about light, I am the spark,

When about gloom, I am the dark…

I am the sun, talking about its rays,

I am the moon, when the night fades…

The star I am when, my pen twinkles,

The euphoria I am, when your heart dwindles…

I am the lover, when my words make love to you,

An ocean of feelings I am, when my characters say “I do”…

I am the slut, when it’s a brothel to depict,

I am the fortune-teller, when your future I predict…

When there is sex in the story, I am at my most sexual,

When creating words of lust , I am the most lustful…

I am the conspirator, in those mind games,

And the outstanding orator, in the town hall fames…

When in the wild, I am the animal,

Sometimes the obedient, other times the rebel…

I am the student, the teacher, the employee,

The  entrepreneur who gives royalty…

A lonely , sad and broken soul at times,

Or the befriended and ambitious executive

Working from 9 to 9…

I am you, they, he, she , it,

I am the Mr,  the Mrs and the Miss…

Its those characters that play in my mind,

Its those thousand souls whose experiences I pine…

With the mighty pen, all I am free to be,

My words are about everything, and not just you or me…!


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