Virtual “life”

Game of football can’t be learnt with thumbs. (C)Bijal Mehta


Explore the Horizon

Have you ever wondered, what lies away and far?
Have you ever felt like,
looking behind that door
that looks ajar?
Have you ever wanted to reach
where the earth and sky meet?
Have you ever felt the need
to learn the lesson
it might teach?
Someday when you’re sitting
in a big and open field,
Think of what’s behind that closed edge
with your imagination on the wheel.
What if you happen to reach ‘that’ certain point?
What’s between you and the next place
where the earth & sky join?
Try and treat that far off view
as a brand new opportunity,
And walk that between path
as the road to victory.
And if you ever feel,
lost or sad n’ blue,
Just take your eyes to where
earth & sky
become one from two.
Hold on to your dreams
and they’ll hold on to you,
Take every step of life
as a chance to learn something new.
Don’t ever be afraid of failure
in a new situation,
you’ll never know what lies ahead
Unless you “Explore the Horizon”.

(C) Bijal Mehta

Musings on Marketing : All round customer engagement key to high recall and brand loyalty

I lay three options before you today as you think about the purchase of your first car. Between the three options of selecting a car based on information from friends only, pre and post purchase support from company, and information along with a virtual demo online plus a test drive and after sale offers, your preferred option would certainly be the third one. It is no surprise that companies today are going beyond the mere sell to buy idea and a one time, one directional association with its customers. No longer are advertising campaigns designed for any particular medium in isolation, rather companies have realized the importance of allocating the marketing communication budget to unique methods across various platforms and for various pre purchase, during purchase and post purchase stages to convert potential customers, to regular buyers/users and finally loyal patrons.

Customers are maturing , options before them are growing and brands want to interact with customers directly in every way possible. It is the need of the hour to create a high recall value in the mind of the consumer, which becomes limited with the traditional marketing mediums of print, radio, television and to some extent outdoor, in isolation.

Some examples of all round customer engagement are free samples being distributed in an open event to the audience or through newspapers to induce trial, roping in celebrities to help consumers experience the brand and its use, thereby enticing future purchase possibilities, creating virtual realities that customers pass through at public places to help create social belongingness through the brand, live chat with customers through radio or television at points of purchase to motivate purchase action, and  lucky draws being offered based on codes available inside product packages that can be sent via SMS.

Use of multiple touch points to connect with consumers is therefore the need of the hour. Consumer engagement with the brand pre purchase, during consumption and post purchase has become critical. Some brands do this successfully and some continue to experiment differently each time.
(c)  Bijal Mehta