Explore the Horizon

Have you ever wondered, what lies away and far?
Have you ever felt like,
looking behind that door
that looks ajar?
Have you ever wanted to reach
where the earth and sky meet?
Have you ever felt the need
to learn the lesson
it might teach?
Someday when you’re sitting
in a big and open field,
Think of what’s behind that closed edge
with your imagination on the wheel.
What if you happen to reach ‘that’ certain point?
What’s between you and the next place
where the earth & sky join?
Try and treat that far off view
as a brand new opportunity,
And walk that between path
as the road to victory.
And if you ever feel,
lost or sad n’ blue,
Just take your eyes to where
earth & sky
become one from two.
Hold on to your dreams
and they’ll hold on to you,
Take every step of life
as a chance to learn something new.
Don’t ever be afraid of failure
in a new situation,
you’ll never know what lies ahead
Unless you “Explore the Horizon”.

(C) Bijal Mehta


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