Just Once…

I want to walk till my feet ache
Laugh till tears trickle down my eyes
And cry so much for no reason,
That there is reason to cry no more..

Just once…

I want to run in an open field
Follow the seashore till its very end
Fill my lungs with clean morning air
And set a thousand helium balloons free
Watch them till they disappear out of site

Just once…

I want to put my cell off for a day
And not feel disconnected from the world
Instead, discover the life before time

I want to be at a place where
There are no phones, no emails,
No way to stay connected to the world..
All there is, is trees and mountains and snow
Children and smiles and laughter and innocence..

Just once…

I want to be a child..
Smile with my eyes,
Laugh without restraint
Cry over the loss of my favorite toy
And love unconditionally

Just once…

I want a dreamless sleep
And not a sleepless night
To awake with the smell of steaming coffee
Look out the window to find lush green trees
And a sun rising just between them
Children playing in the background

Soft snowflakes on my face
Or may be tiny dewdrops
Cool wind or maybe rain

Just once…

I want to be heard
without judgment
and listen without judging
Hold a hand, with no expectations
and let go without resent

Just once…

I want to enjoy this moment
With no plan or worry for the next
A state of complete peace of mind
A state of blissful content

As I ponder on these innocent desires of the heart,
I ask myself,
Do I want these miracles
Just once?

(c) Bijal Mehta

Also available at: http://www.boloji.com


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