Ever Enduring…

There is a beauty in loving .. There is a beauty in being loved and then there is a beauty in having loved , lost and yet lived…

There are moments when you wish you could go back. Into the arms of that lost love, which in essence is lost not.  For, what you are today, is an emanation of that love and its chance rendezvous  with you in those tender moments. Those moments that were pure, pious and infinite.

You  know those moments can’t come , they are gone. Forbidden forever, buried in the past and forgotten for the sake of the present.  Yet, there are times when those moments lived long ago, come alive inside you. They help you hold on to that tear which is craving to fall, invisible to the naked eye. That love and the pain caused thereof, makes you value what you have.

You learn to live with that memory that pain, that pinch. The occasional soulful sorrow that crosses your heart like a rush of swords…passes through your blood like a gush of thick oil becomes your strength.

Part loving, part living, part remembering, never regretting, part wishing, part sighing, part accepting, part denying.

Lost love and its reminisce is medicine to its own self.. Needs no healing, needs no curing.. for its ever enduring.

(C) Bijal Mehta

Some songs can take you on a thought trail and words flow in ripples… 🙂





These ruffles ….

the ruffled curtains..


Work in so many ways…

nestles for

emotions  Felt yet Unsaid..

Thoughts Awakened yet Awaiting..

Dreams.. Drenched in Desires..

Love.. Lost and Gained… partly..


These ruffles..

Hold me..

Hold my heart..

Hold us…


They hide me..you (from)


From this piercing paradox..

of Practical and the Impracticable…


Let not the wind,  propel them

Let not the clouds, cajole them..



For I want to be

In these ruffles..

embraced… in you..

by you.. for you…

(c) Bijal Mehta

City of Angels (The Movie)

City of Angels
by Bijal Dwivedi Mehta

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There once was an angel,
who fell in love with a girl,
He wanted to make her happy,
to shower her with diamonds and pearls.
He knew nothing about the world,
and what life was like to live,
Until he saw her
and to her so much he wanted to give.
He had come to earth,
to take souls away,
She was a doctor,
trying to make them stay.
One day when a patient,
on the hospital bed died,
For the first time Seth,
saw a human cry.
Her tears to him,
were a surprise,
Yet they touched him somewhere,
deep deep inside.
He wanted to let her know,
to make her understand,
That souls never die,
but death is not in your hands.
He wanted to hold her close,
to shower her with care,
To take away her grief,
with the joy of life to share.
But she couldn’t see him,
in angels she didn’t believe,
There was nowhere else
he wanted to be,
her side he didn’t want to leave.
Magi wanted someone,
with whom she was same,
In love with Seth she was,
but not with the fantasy game.
They could be together;
the key word was sacrifice,
Never again would Seth,
sing with the sunset and sunrise.
He had to make a choice,
between love and eternity,
It was either Magi,
or the Angel City.
Seth chose love,
as he jumped down,
A human he became,
as he fell to the ground.
Finally they were one,
her touch he could feel,
All seemed magical,
but all of it was real.
None of them knew,
what was in store,
It was time for Magi to go,
death was at her door.
All they had together,
was just one day,
Until the angels came,
and took Magi away.
There was nothing Seth could do,
with fate he couldn’t fight,
Oh God after so much,
Why Did Magi have to die?(c)Bijal Mehta

Year 2000

also available on http://www.boloji.com