Ever Enduring…

There is a beauty in loving .. There is a beauty in being loved and then there is a beauty in having loved , lost and yet lived…

There are moments when you wish you could go back. Into the arms of that lost love, which in essence is lost not.  For, what you are today, is an emanation of that love and its chance rendezvous  with you in those tender moments. Those moments that were pure, pious and infinite.

You  know those moments can’t come , they are gone. Forbidden forever, buried in the past and forgotten for the sake of the present.  Yet, there are times when those moments lived long ago, come alive inside you. They help you hold on to that tear which is craving to fall, invisible to the naked eye. That love and the pain caused thereof, makes you value what you have.

You learn to live with that memory that pain, that pinch. The occasional soulful sorrow that crosses your heart like a rush of swords…passes through your blood like a gush of thick oil becomes your strength.

Part loving, part living, part remembering, never regretting, part wishing, part sighing, part accepting, part denying.

Lost love and its reminisce is medicine to its own self.. Needs no healing, needs no curing.. for its ever enduring.

(C) Bijal Mehta

Some songs can take you on a thought trail and words flow in ripples… 🙂


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