All of us .. Somewhere..

Different rivers.. Similar flows..


Beyond Ken..

And the desire

to pen something down,

Just gets too strong sometimes…

The worldly contours


crumble sometimes….

My “self”


too small sometimes…

And the self within

gets superior sometimes…

Different facets

of life

seem same sometimes…

And all  the same things

Seem different sometimes…

The odd and the even

All even out

at times…

And all that remains

is even sometimes…

(c) Bijal Mehta

Sheltered Emotions

Packed in the abode of my heart
are dreams and desires most important to me,
I yearn for a life of peace and happiness
a life where I’m truly free…

Have written a thousand words on this
read a hundred books,
The feelings inside but are just so strong
the storm is not as easy as it looks…

I yearn for love, for success
and for understanding,
I just need a special someone
who beside me will always be standing…

He may not be a friend
relative or even not my lover,
He just has to be someone
A listener, an inspirer…

I look for him in friends and family,
I seek inside me too,
Today, I search to see if I can find
An ounce of him in you…

So until I cover all distance
that’s keeping our souls apart,
I’d rather keep my dreams and desires
Packed in the abode of my heart… –

(c) Bijal Mehta
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