Candid Conversations..(1)

My little heart (MLH):  “Is this the IIM – A campus Mom?”

Me: “Yes, see how widespread it is? Me and my friends used to take long walks here late into the nights when we were in need of some fresh air after hours of non-stop studying.”

MLH: “Hmm. you were there for 03 months right?”

Me: “Yes, you remember that? You were so small then !”

MLH: “Now please don’t go for 03 months ok?”

Me: “I can’t promise you that. If there is a requirement, I may have to go. You must not feel sad.”

MLH goes quiet then says  “but I missed you.”

And that is sort of a moment of decision for me and I have to make a careful choice of words.

“Yes you missed me. I missed you too but we both survived didn’t we? You managed without me right? OK. tell me, who is the one person that you can absolutely not live without in this world?”

Innocent eyes look away and a tiny index finger points towards me. My throat chokes but I gently turn the finger towards his own chest as MLH looks on in surprise as I say..

“The only person you can’t live without in this world is YOU !.. Yes, my love is true..”

I do not know if this piece of advice is correct.. I do not know if it I am being honest as I say this because I know on my own that there are moments when I too  feel I simply can’t live without a certain someone… but then in those moments I am the only one who can bring myself back to reality.. back to the present..

I also think.. am I teaching my child to be selfish? Am I knowingly or unknowingly sowing the seeds of self-centeredness in his innocent mind? No, not really. I do not wish to make him self-seeking but certainly want him to be self-sufficient..

My thoughts still continue.. You may need the company , care and companionship of others to live bigger, to live better

But  above it all.. It’s true…

The only person you can’t live without in this world is YOU.

(c) Bijal Mehta




5 thoughts on “Candid Conversations..(1)

  1. This is correct, if time comes we live without everyone but that is only IF TIME COMES otherwise it’s more fun to live with other’s and…that’s LIFE in real sense.


    1. Absolutely Mann.. being with others makes life bigger, richer and better no doubt but to be self reliant and having faith in ones own self can help one sail through hard and lonely times.. if one has to be “overly” dependent on anyone, it best be their own self 🙂

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