The City I Love

The City I love


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As I sit here by the sea side at Nice, France and give a thought to which city do I love (the most), my mind is on a thought trail.

At this moment, perhaps it’s Nice for its deep blue pebbled filled beaches, for its mildly cold weather as summer is just beginning to set in and for the relaxed mood that all of us are in as we spend the last leg of our vacation here. When we travelled to the USA a few years ago, Manhattan had struck me as a city like no other. From all the hustle bustle to the organized chaos, the ever awake Times Square and Ground Zero at the WTC, it amazed me for reasons more than one.

As we take the flight back home to India, I think about all its cities that I have visited. Gurgaon, Mumbai, New Delhi, Junagadh, Rajkot, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar, Bangalore, Baroda, Chennai and of course Ahmedabad. While not all of them strike me as different, I have vivid memories from each while some are crystal clear even after years. Gurgaon for the metro feel it gives, the tall buildings, HQs of some of the MNCs I aspire to work for and the memories I carry of days spent there as a nuclear family. Mumbai for the childhood reminiscences I have of flying to India and the window from where I would look out at the streets of Andheri East. New Delhi, for Green Park and the young carefree walks at the Green Park market with my best friend. Chennai for the wonderful family time we had and having taken a tour of the south of India from thereon. Junagadh for the Girnar temple, Bangalore for the sarees , Hydrabad for its Biryani and Ahmedabad for the professional and social connect we share.

 Yet, the one city forever close to my heart is the City of Angels from the Land of Smiles a place that is a wonderful and incomparable combination of the contemporary and the conventional, the classic and the modern. Bangkok city from Thailand has almost everything that one needs for a happy and comfortable life. With friendly people, well planned infrastructure, good weather and great stuff to eat, the land of sun sand and sea is the perfect place to be. While the world may know this city for its temples & shopping during the day and club hopping during the nights, the city has an aura of its own that one can feel and internalize by being there more than just once. It is and will always remain the city I love for it is there that I have memories of my growing years arched all over filled with fun, friends and family.

 As rightfully said by someone “If you could go somewhere right now, would it be to some place or to someone?” Bangkok city has a unique persona to itself that I could return to again and again.

(c) Bijal Mehta



It’s so easy to talk the talk

For once try and walk the walk.. 

Wear their shoes and you will see

Neither failure nor success comes for free …

Your journey has taught you much no doubt 

But do listen to what their story is about …

Life is made of years of sacrifice 

And experiences have made them wise …
When you talk about yourself it’s nice

But at times it’s good to be quiet and absorb the site …

Silence does not make you any less of a person 

Silence can be a value and an appreciation reason..

(c) Bijal Mehta 

Life as We Don’t (want to) Know It…

Life as We Don’t (want to) Know It…

So today yet again in one of the forwarded messages came the piece written by #mrsfunnybones #twinklekhanna on “Drifting Kites”. Though a fairly old one and one that I have read several times, it makes me feel equally gullible  each time I read it.

Some messages have an uncanny way of appearing when you are at your most vulnerable. As I read the post #driftingkites yet again.. several thoughts ran through my mind.

The post beautifully brings out how parents many times miss or entirely fail to encourage communication with their children, but on the other side I  could not help but think of children who do not talk or communicate even though parents may want to, may be also encouraging them to.

I see examples of all sorts around me..  And many times in my own self too.  As a parent I feel I am forward thinking,  I am open but am I really communicating or signalling that to my heart beat – my son? Children are dependent on us for everything. Not just finances..  Frankly..  They at the age that my little one is don’t even realize that how hard it is and how much planning is required for bringing kids up.  Neither did we when we were that age, but today times are different. Youngsters today “need” guidance a lot more than our days and “want” it a lot less than we did as children.

Parents give their children more time, more attention and think a lot for their future from the day they know they are expecting parents to be. In cultures like ours,  this continues till they graduate college and many times even after.  We worry about them, wait for their phone call,  feel upset if we don’t hear from them for a day even though we know they are genuinely busy.

That’s because as parents on one side we hope , think and believe that we are making them independent (rightfully so)  and on another we secretly fear them moving away.

Then of course there are examples of children and youngsters who want  time from their parents. As a teacher and a mentor I hear young boys and girls craving for time from extremely busy parents. The parents, whether rightfully or not I don’t know, believe it’s for the better future of their child that they are doing all the professional running around. What really amazes me then are the subconscious and translucent walls that are built which show only a part of the picture.  Children feel strayed as parents have no time for them and by the time parents realize and want to communicate with them,  children have developed a life and lifestyle of their own where they find solace in people, pleasure and places beyond the family.

“If there is anything you truly wish to give your children.. Give them your time.. Not your possessiveness.. Give them your attention.. Not (only) Money because that will be left behind after you for them anyway”

Life and it’s mirages… Life as we “don’t” want to” know it…

(c)  Bijal Mehta